Mobile Alerts

Mobile Alerts is our real time price level monitoring service direct to your mobile phone. Set your price level on any financial instrument from our web site or directly via your mobile device and receive the alert anywhere, anytime, directly to your mobile phone.

Mobile Alerts provides you with the confidence and freedom to get on with other daily activities secure in the knowledge that your chosen price levels are being monitored on your behalf by Infoscan.

  • Reliable 24/7 monitoring of your price alerts.
  • Monitors the desired instrument levels of your choice.
  • Fully customisable service that can be accessed anywhere in the world, anytime.
  • Alerts can be set on all data, real-time or delayed (some features are phone/network dependent).
  • Simple and easy to use service.

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+ Commodities
+ Forex
+ Forwards
+ Indicies
+ Money Market
+ Stocks