Reseller Opportunities


We can develop customised files to power third party charting and analysis software. Please contact us for further information.


Infoscan provides licenses to resell all of it's products and services. This provides investors the ability to immediately establish, and create a sound business in the financial markets - a market our business has continued to succeed in since it was established in 1988.

All of our services have been rigorously tested, are currently used by an existing customer base, and have all proved to be robust and reliable. The products and services are all backed by a detailed portal, which will enable you to set-up and manage your clients quickly and effectively.

Upon receipt of your interest, we will supply a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement and then, by email, the full terms and conditions of our licences.

Below further outlines the scope and benefits of this investment opportunity.

Scope and Benefits

  • Our licences are available in seventy countries of the world. We can issue combined country licences should these be required.
  • Our licences can be exclusive or non-exclusive.
  • Most importantly all licenses include the ability to sub license. This enables organisations not necessarily associated with the provision of financial information services to offer branded and customised solutions to specific client groupings. The benefits to sub-licencees include cost saving and retention of clientele in an increasingly competitive and time sensitive global market.
  • The financial information powering our services is sourced from a number of leading contributors including Thomson Reuters, to ensure the highest quality & integrity of this information. We deliver our information in real-time, delayed or on an End of Day basis, customised to meet your customers requirements.

Licensee and Infoscan responsibilities