Licensee and Infoscan Responsibilities

Infoscan’s responsibilities include:
  • Supply of a Sales and Marketing strategy plan for the licensed area
  • Continuing Sales and Marketing advice and support to the licensee
  • Provision of all services to customers of the licensee from its servers in New Zealand or elsewhere
  • Supply of all financial information to such end users
  • Global support of the system and licences on a 24/7 basis
  • Continuing development and enhancement of services
  • Payment of all costs associated with the above
The Licensees responsibilities include:
  • Meeting the costs of running the business
  • Endeavouring to maximise sales and to meet sales targets in its licensed area
  • Attempt to obtain maximum prices for sales unless Infoscan agrees to a discounted policy for a specific purpose
  • Billing and collection of sales
  • Paying licence royalties to Infoscan
Infoscan undertakes and warrants that:
  • It is the owner of the Intellectual Property and has the right to grant the licence
  • It has entered into agreements with Information Providers and Exchanges to disseminate financial information globally
  • All future developments will be conducted though the licensees, unless otherwise agreed to by the Licensee
  • It shall in good faith so long as the licence is in force always provide all services and support needed to operate the business of the Licensee
  • To the fullest extent possible it shall in good faith always negotiate to obtain rights in respect of any new services or licences so that such rights can be passed on to the licensee.
  • It shall not compete with the licensee.
Both parties agree:
  • To co-operate in good faith together in the profitable expansion of the Business including finding new clients and finding and implementing ways to increase business with existing clients, and that they shall at all times act towards each other faithfully and honestly.

We look forward to progressing this opportunity with you.